UniPCemu build 2018/07/28 15:42 is now live!

Various hardware and CPU support(for Android versions) improvements and bugfixes, dropping old Android platforms.


  • Fixed various static code analysis warnings.
  • Some Android compiler warnings have been resolved.
  • Don't call freemem when not required during emulator initialization.
  • STL isn't used in a plain C project.
  • Modified defaults to be a minimal emulation(8086 CPU, minimal hardware for a basic IBM PC, IPS clocking mode).
  • Made the debugger thread and the POST thread mutually exclusive.
  • Made the debugger able to reset the emulator when the Settings menu requests it(when choosing to do so in the Main Settings menu).
  • Don't relaunch the debugger when resetting.
  • Prevented reboot from the debugger from debugging the emulator POST thread(properly disabling the debugger when POSTing the emulator internals).
  • Made the port I/O accesses Big-Endian compatible.
  • Fixed newer Android NDK linker issues.
  • Updates the NDK to the most recent version. The API level is now 21(with backwards support for level 14 and older NDK compilers at level 14 as well).
  • Improved debugger initialized state to be non-intrusive.
  • Don't clear serial received data. Only clear availability line when set, keeping the lastly received data in the Data Holding register.
  • Improved UART interrupt causes checking and priorities.
  • Optimized HLT state debugging and needdebugger calls.
  • Optimized debugger_logging after needdebugger calls.
  • Optimized CPU pending reset.
  • Improved UART modem status change detection.
  • Improved UART line status input buffer full detection.
  • Improved the UART to properly send/receive.
  • Improved the UART to send or receive, but not both at the same timing.
  • UART receiving has priority over sending.
  • Improved UART emulation by applying data sending and receiving to be applied interleaved when both apply(both buffers are filled all the time).
  • Improved initial UART receiver/transmitter buffer status to both be empty.
  • Fixed the modem to flush the correct escape character instead of a number identifying the amount of escapes when changing the escape character.

New features and big changes:

  • The Android armeabi and MIPS platforms have been dropped in order to support the newer Android 64-bit platforms. The API has been updated to require Android 4.3 and above.
  • UART emulation has been improved.
  • Debugging has been improved with various bugfixes.
  • Improved default states for settings(it's a minimal usable machine now, a basic IBM PC(using IPS clocking mode for speed)).


UniPCemu.apk 3 MB
Jul 29, 2018
UniPCemu_PSP.zip 639 kB
Jul 29, 2018
UniPCemu_win32.zip 994 kB
Jul 29, 2018
UniPCemu_win64.zip 1 MB
Jul 29, 2018

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