UniPCemu build 2022/10/19 22:02 is now live!

A quick little update, fixing some hardware bugs in the last releases since the memory optimizations and some slight compiler warnings fixed.

UniPCemu (pre-bugfix update of 20:53):

  • Improved ATAPI SRST to detect aborting a command.
  • Improved ATAPI DEVICE RESET to properly clear register status bits as documented by ATA/ATAPI-4.
  • Fixed ATAPI function call by resetting a drive using a valid method to properly detect the status to determine what to do.
  • Improved handling of ATAPI unit attention.
  • Improved ATAPI Unit Attention to persist and error out commands except INQUIRY and REQUEST SENSE.
  • Updated the common emulator framework to the latest commit.
  • Fixed modem checksum compiler warning.
  • Updated the Android gradle to the latest version.

Quick post-update bugfix (22:02):

  • ATAPI Inquiry: report no Unit Attention until another command is received, since it can report the data requested.

Common emulator framework:

  • Added missing copyright notice for the MD5 functionality.
  • Added missing copyright notice for the Switch header.
  • Added missing copyright notice for the Vita header.
  • Fixed a PSP compiler warning on the TCP validation function call.


UniPCemu.apk 5 MB
Oct 19, 2022
UniPCemu.nro 8 MB
Oct 19, 2022
UniPCemu.vpk 1 MB
Oct 19, 2022
UniPCemu_PSP.zip 1 MB
Oct 19, 2022
UniPCemu_win32.zip 1 MB
Oct 19, 2022
UniPCemu_win32server.zip 1 MB
Oct 19, 2022
UniPCemu_win64.zip 1 MB
Oct 19, 2022
UniPCemu_win64server.zip 1 MB
Oct 19, 2022

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