UniPCemu build 2022/06/19 19:15 is now live!

A new release of UniPCemu is now available! It has some smaller required updates and hardware bugfixes this time.


  • Updated Android Gradle to the latest version.
  • Added PCI IDE models to be either the PC87415 model or the onboard model.
  • Added support to move the modem to COM1 and serial mouse to COM2.
  • Added a setting for DTR to trigger passthrough serial disconnect/hangup.
  • Added support for a second serial port for the missing modem output lines.
  • Seperated packet server client MAC address for assigned clients.
  • Implemented IP autoconfiguration from a specified range with collision detection using ARP and ARP announce on the packet server.
  • Added a nullmodem cable with DTR to connect without line signalling.
  • Seperated Atmel flash ROM emulation for PCI boards.
  • Improved speed when not using any BIOS ROMs to provide services and sound only.
  • Added a RCTRL-RALT-F6 keyboard shortcut to record adlib music with a blue recording indicator, mixing with the red indicator and functionality if used.
  • Added debugger memory viewer UTF-8 ASCII decoded text.
  • Converted OPL2 to use integer math only.
  • Fixed OPL2 rhythm mode.
  • Fixed OPL2 tremolo and vibrato effects.
  • Fixed OPL2 percussion register decoding bits to be correctly parsed.
  • Improved PCIRST# and related handling.
  • Implemented PCI IDE option ROMs using the Atmel flash ROM.
  • Improved PCI IDE bus mastering IRQs.
  • Improved PCI IDE IRQs.
  • Added CHAP support on the packet server.
  • Implemented IP blacklisting and whitelisting on the packet server. Blacklisting is based on a maximum number of login attempts.
  • The packet server can now dial out only for it's own modem.
  • Packet server clients now have their own MAC address.
  • The packet server now uses gratuitous ARP to announce clients.
  • Either a second serial port's OUT1/DTR(for RI) and OUT2/RTS(for DCD) can now be used to drive extra signals. OUT1 and OUT2 can be swapped.
  • Improved physical serial error handling.
  • Improved fail-safe NMI handling.
  • Updated the copyright notice for 2022.
  • Added missing libserial copyright notice.
  • Added support for the OUT1/OUT2 pins on the COM0COM drivers.
  • Implemented support for playing VGM files to the music player, supporting both Adlib and Game Blaster songs.
  • Improved handling of modem being offline to not serve any incoming connections.
  • Don't accept any incoming TCP connections when the modem isn't supported or online.
  • Improved packet server cleanup and handling of disconnected clients.
  • Don't disconnect the modem clients when not needed.
  • Updated Windows SDL2 to version 2.0.18.
  • Updated Android SDL2 to version 2.0.16.

Common emulator framework:

  • Improved texture updates.
  • Added support to the TCP connections to validate a client before accepting a connection.
  • Added support for TCP connections to report the used IP address and port of the remote host.
  • Updated INI files to be allowed to be updated in place.
  • Added a setting to the TCP module to allow connecting to the server itself.
  • Seperated server incoming connections from server outgoing connections, if enabled.
  • Fixed server connection limit.
  • Fixed allocating a client connection with one client connection only.
  • Added support for MD5 hashing.
  • Implemented an opened file registration list.
  • Fixed INI file creation and it's adding of comments to sections as needed..
  • Fixed INI file opening and modification of the opened INI file with writeback.
  • Updated copyright notice for 2022.
  • Added support for the SDL 2.0.18+ application name override.

So, in a nutshell, the most important updates here are:

  • OPL2 improvements and more accurate. Rhythm mode now also sounds correct. The chip emulation fully uses integer math now.
  • Serial port improvements with new second physical serial port support and improved direct passthrough support with DTR supporting more modes. This can be used to provide a full serial modem or passthrough for real hardware on the other side of the cable (provided a custom cable is used for the two extra pins outputted from the second serial port).
  • OPL2 audio recording using RCTRL-RALT-F6.
  • Able to move the modem to COM1 for software requiring it.
  • Improved packet server IP address allocation, ARP requests implemented with IP address validation and announcement to the local router from a range of IP addresses, CHAP authentication is now also supported. It now also supports a blacklist/whitelist for IP addresses based on sequentially failed logins from users. It can also give each client it's own virtual MAC address.
  • The packet server's emulated serial modem can now dial out (but it still can't answer from the emulated modem, although the packet server can answer instead (which replaces said functionality on the emulated modem)).
  • The debugger memory viewer can decode simply ASCII text and display it next to the data of a memory address.
  • PCI IRQs are now properly emulated.
  • Fixed the ATAPI TEST UNIT READY command.
  • Fixed PCI IDE bus mastering.
  • It can now play VGM files for the adlib/sound blaster(OPL2 only) and game blaster cards emulated.
  • The serial modem now handles incoming connections when it can't respond or is disabled properly (instead of answering and immediately hanging up or answering a call when it shouldn't).

A small update for builds 2022/06/20 01:23:

  • Updated SDL2 to 2.0.22 on Windows.
  • Enabled Switch networking support.
  • Enabled PS Vita networking support.


UniPCemu.apk 5 MB
Jun 19, 2022
UniPCemu_win64.zip 1 MB
Jun 19, 2022
UniPCemu_win64server.zip 1 MB
Jun 19, 2022
UniPCemu_win32.zip 1 MB
Jun 19, 2022
UniPCemu_win32server.zip 1 MB
Jun 19, 2022
UniPCemu_PSP.zip 1 MB
Jun 19, 2022
UniPCemu.vpk 1 MB
Jun 19, 2022
UniPCemu.nro 8 MB
Jun 19, 2022
UniPCemu_win64.zip 1 MB
Jun 19, 2022
UniPCemu_win64server.zip 1 MB
Jun 19, 2022
UniPCemu_win32.zip 1 MB
Jun 19, 2022
UniPCemu_win32server.zip 1 MB
Jun 19, 2022
UniPCemu.vpk 1 MB
Jun 19, 2022
UniPCemu.nro 8 MB
Jun 19, 2022

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