UniPCemu Switch release and PSP/Vita bugfixes

A slight update was released for the Vita (SDL2 compatibility using SDL2 events having been fixed).

Now, besides the Vita version having been released, the same is now also true for the Switch version!

It uses much the same inputs as the Vita/PSP version, except the A(Circle) and B(Cross) inputs compared to the Vita version have been swapped in the menus for Switch compatibility (A is now for confirm, B is now for cancel in the menus). This is only the case for the menus now responding to the inversed button positions. The remainder of the app is unaffected by this (the debugger etc.) and still uses the PSP button positions for it's buttons (B being the same as PSP Cross and A being the same as PSP circle).

The PSP, Vita and Switch versions also got a version information option added to the main menu of the settings menu. It's purpose is to check the build version of the app that's otherwise unavailable on said platforms.


UniPCemu_PSP.zip 1 MB
Sep 26, 2021
UniPCemu.nro 8 MB
Sep 28, 2021
UniPCemu.vpk 1 MB
Sep 28, 2021

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I'm trying to test Mechwarrior 2 on ps vita but i have no clue how to even load the game itself. Sure it says to place the game folder in the correct location but that's it. How do i load an exe so i can play?

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You use disk image files, not direct files on the storage.

You'll need a MS-DOS floppy or bootable ISO or CUE/IMG to boot from first. First you'll need an OS to boot(like MS-DOS or Windows). Then you'll need to install it on the hard disk image, just like a real PC.

UniPCemu doesn't support direct folder mounting like Dosbox.

It's using the same steps as a real PC, starting out with a blank hard disk(when created using the settings menu). You'll need some OS disk images for installing it and BIOS ROMs for the emulated hardware, which is mainly the motherboard and video adapter(except MDA/CGA cards). Then it's like starting out with a new computer with unformatted hard disk and unconfigured BIOS. So start it up, configure the BIOS as needed, boot an OS and/or install it to the hard disk image. Then install your games on the hard disk image to play it.

black screen :( with latest vpk sorry

Does it log anything in the ux0 folder? It will try to log something there if a fatal error occurs, like failing to setup crucial data.

Unfortunately it does not work on psvita. Only black screen. Retried with the latest version thank you

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Deleted 2 years ago
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I've just rebuilt the vpk with the emulated RAM vs MMIO optimization I was working on disabled. That might have been the cause of the issue. Could you check again?

Hi when I start the vpk file a black screen appears for more than 1 minute thank you

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Does it show the yellow startup text in the top-left corner after that (together with all the other text displays being displayed)? If that's true, that might be some yet unknown SDL2 2.0.16 bug that's showing itself (which is the reason I don't release for Windows with 2.0.16 yet).

Edit: I've uploaded a small update to the VPK file. Is it running properly now?