A downloadable emulator for Windows and Android

Ever wanted to play your old PC games on your device(mobile and modern PC)? Now you can, with more accuracy than ever!

The UniPCemu(Universal PC emulator) emulator, originally made to play games on the PSP, now built for Android! Play your old classic PC games on Android! It's a cycle-accurate x86 emulator(previously called x86emu). It's a 8086(IBM PC) up to 80486(Compaq Deskpro 386/IBM PS/2(adds PS/2 mouse) emulator(with various, configurable hardware), with up to 80386 timings(80486 using 80386 timings)).

It can run many IBM PC XT games, and also some 386 games(Megarace is working, except cutscenes from CD-ROM(using VIDE-CDD.SYS) due to an unfound bug). Many graphics cards and sound cards can be used(MIDI using a Soundfont emulator), from PC speaker up to Sound Blaster 2.0 and from IBM Monochrome Display Adapter up to ET4000 SVGA!

Only XBox 360 controllers, PC mouse&keyboard or touch screen input is supported. When using a different controller, use x360ce: https://github.com/x360ce/x360ce . Input is either mapped using PSP controls(Q/W/arrows/enter/backspace(and one key to the left on Qwerty keyboards), 2/4/6(also escape on android)/8(also carriage return on android) numpad and escape/space(space on Android only)) or Direct Input(see wiki controls page for more details: https://bitbucket.org/superfury/unipcemu/wiki/Controls ).

Install instructions

Add files to the program's folder, as instructed at the wiki: https://bitbucket.org/superfury/unipcemu/wiki

Place the bios roms to use in the application's ROM subdirectory. Other directories are mentioned on the wiki(which contains the emulator's manual).

The exact filenames for the ROMs are mentioned at https://bitbucket.org/superfury/unipcemu/wiki/Settings%20menu Advanced menu, section describing the Execution mode setting.

Empty, unbootable(except for floppy disks, which contain a simple message after which it reboots) disk images can be createn from the Settings menu. Other disk images will need to be supplied by the user.

Configuration can be done using either the Settings menu or the configuration textfile(.ini textfile)

Important note: Android can close the app to preserve memory, because the app can't free memory due to it needing memory to keep emulation state. This isn't a bug.

Be sure to copy or backup the application's data folder(named com.unipcemu.app, usually located in the Android/data folder on the internal memory) before deleting the app. Not doing so will cause all saved data that's used (and stored) there to be deleted permanently when uninstalling the app. It isn't backed up automatically!


UniPCemu.apk 7 MB
UniPCemu_win32.zip 1,013 kB
UniPCemu_win64.zip 1 MB

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