UniPCemu build 2018/06/21 10:56 is now live!

Lots of CPU bugfixes and improvements and some hardware updates and improvements have been added, as well as improved and fixed accuracy issues!


  • Implemented a phonebook into the modem for easy dialing.
  • Added modem quick dial support for software that doesn't support the normal phonebook feature. This supports dialing using a shortened phonenumber(with the phonenumber using the quick dial number) as well at the ATDS phonebook dial command. AT&Z phonebook commands are also supported.
  • Improved seperation of internal and instruction stepping.
  • Improved x86 IMUL flags.
  • Improved 80486 to be able to perform a bus transfer every cycle, as is documented.
  • Only one prefetch clock on the 80486+ CPUs.
  • Improved 80486 BIU stalls.
  • Improved T-state always being T1 on 80486+.
  • Seperated 80486 BIU cycle logic from the 80286/80386 version.
  • Optimized the active cycle handling.
  • Improved opcode A0/A1 16-bit and 32-bit modr/m checks to occur at the right moment.
  • Fixed JMP/CALL memory checks to properly occur.
  • Fixed 32-bit address opcode A0 memory check to properly occur.
  • Fixed 80386+ 0F opcodes to properly use the instruction stepping when required.
  • Improved seperation of instruction modr/m step vs internal modr/m step to apply to all CPUs.
  • Changed the remaining instruction steps to modr/m steps when required.
  • Fixed invalid PUSH instruction step bases.
  • Fixed missing modr/m steps in the 80386+ core.
  • Increased emulation to allow bigger timeouts.
  • Improved timeout to discard any remaining time to process, preventing hanging the emulation loop when encountering too large timeouts, clipping timing properly.
  • Improved checks on switching FROM and TO a x86 task.
  • Applied normal loading descriptor privilege levels to non-code segment descriptors as well.
  • Task switches caused by a normal loading instruction loading a task doesn't push an error code!
  • Improved task switch only pushing an error code when valid to push.
  • Fixed missing LDTR load during task switch.
  • Loading SS in any way updates the CPL accordingly when it succeeds.
  • FS and GS are cleared when task switching to an 16-bit TSS.
  • Improved privilege requirement for loading the SS register, while ignoring it during privilege changes.
  • CPL must match SS DPL when switching stacks.
  • Fixed SAVEDESCRIPTOR calls.
  • Seperated CPL detection from the CPU mode updating, since they work differently(only when switching modes VS only when changing privilege levels).
  • Optimized paging.
  • Optimized running with inactive debugger.
  • Optimized the sorting of the Paging TLB by age using a new sorting algorithm.
  • Don't check faultraised for faults: this is given by the interrupts themselves return 1, 0 or NULL depending on the call.
  • Improved segmentWritten result on faults to properly abort the entire stack of operations that are nested.
  • Fixed missing SS privilege level update when running in protected mode.
  • Improved support for paging faults when loading and saving segment descriptors.
  • Implemented support for the segment descriptor access rights Accessed bit to be set when the descriptor is loaded.
  • Improved x86 (I)MUL flags to be more accurate.
  • Improved Paging TLB.
  • Implemented 80386 TR6 and TR7 registers with their TLB functionality.
  • Fixed TLB reads to ignore the proper read mask, ignoring the Dirty and Read/Write bits during Paged Reads when reading the TLB.
  • Fixed MinGW compiler warnings.
  • Added support for the Dirty bit to be updated instead of creating a new entry when writing a TLB entry.
  • Improved handling of TLB being a Writable bit instead of the Read/Write operation of the access.
  • Fixed Paging TLB and improved comments.
  • Fixed POP ES to properly use 32-bit operand size when popping ES.
  • Added functionality for the PS/2 keyboard to handle Ctrl/Alt special cases for scancode generation.
  • Updated the common emulator framework to the latest commit.
  • Implemented bonus keys for the middle block keys and KP/ key on the PS/2 keyboard.
  • Improved XLAT performing access checks for a memory read instead of a memory write.
  • The CMOS SRB bit 1 sets 12 hour mode when set, instead of setting 24 hour mode.
  • Improved accurate time to epoch time conversion to apply months correctly.
  • Improved decoding of midnight.
  • Fixed the 24-hour mode bit to actually enable 24-hour mode when set. Otherwise, 12-hour mode is enabled.
  • Added support to the 8042 command byte to enable the hardware when written.
  • Added a debug breakpoint mode that ignores CS and only matches EIP with the settings(reverse of the older I(gnore EIP) mode) to match an offset within an executing program only.
  • Fixed Settings menu representation of Ignore CS to be correct.
  • Fixed EIP only breakpoint.
  • Far return to lower privilege level pops from both caller's stack and returned stack.
  • Prevented double processing of (E)SP when performing a far return to the same privilege level.
  • Double percision instead of single percision has been restored, fixing hardware that requires it to work properly(extremely small delays with CD-ROM emulation on the mechanical properties of the CD-ROM being inserted, spin up/down etc.).
  • Optimized repeating instructions and prefixes.
  • Fixed REP disabling part of it's settings during each instruction cycle.
  • Implemented clearing and invalidating segment registers when returning to an outer privilege level.
  • Make sure the CMOS is saved/updated when opening the Settings menu. This also prevents the changes CMOS settings from being discarded when the Settings menu changes are discarded.
  • Added required locks around the saving of the CMOS settings when loading the Settings menu.Improved CMOS century byte to allow invalid values to be counted as binary values automatically.
  • Improved CMOS century byte to allow invalid values to be counted as binary values automatically.
  • Improved failing encoding of BCD century to enforce binary format century, if possible.
  • Improved binary century calculations when using the binary century format for 19th and 20th century calculations.
  • Improved ModrR/M handling of 16/32-bit (SIB) displacements.
  • Mapped 8086 opcodes C0/C1 to C2/C3 and C8/C9 to CA/CB as duplicate opcodes.
  • Updated Android gradle to 3.1.3.
  • Improved ModR/M disassembly and calculation. Scaled index+Displacement are handled as index(if either or both are used, no ESP index), base is either the supplied base(disp32) or a base register(except EBP with MOD=0).
  • Optimized the modr/m byte for execution while not debugging.
  • Fixed the 32-bit SIB displacement-only mode to actually use the displacement, no displacement when any other MOD=0 case is to be applied.
  • Improved debugging information on MOV CS,reg instructions.
  • Improved handling of 16-bit offsets when retrieving an offset to read for effective address loads.
  • Improved masking on the last used offset of modr/m accesses.
  • Fixed some ModR/M memory offset bugs.
  • Don't apply added offset to the last calculated offset.
  • Don't update the last offset when specifying a register.
  • Fixed LEA from register to be an undefined instruction on 80186+ CPUs.
  • Fixed incorrect decoding of 32-bit addresses bug.
  • Converted the regsize variable of modr/m parameters to base 2.
  • Adjusted 80386+ Jcc instructions to match the 8086 disassembly and processing.
  • Adjusted x86 Jcc and SETcc instructions to match IBMulator output.
  • Made conditional jumps(Jcc) to match ndis disassembly from a raw .COM file containing all those instructions.
  • Adjusted the x86 Jcc instruction disassembly to their non-sugar versions.
  • Fixed 32-bit conditional jumps to use 32-bit storage properly.
  • Fixed debugger masking of (E)IP.
  • Fixed clearing of segment registers when returning to a lower privileged level.
  • Only (E)SP/(E)BP as a base register defaults to SS. Using EBP as an index defaults to DS instead.
  • Fixed delaying of interrupts during 32-bit MOV to a segment register.
  • Improved STI to delay interrupts until after the next instruction.
  • Implemented the B-bit on top-down descriptors checking.
  • Improved 80486+ alignment check exception not to occur when on an older CPU or when the Alignment Mask isn't set.
  • Fixed the x86 limit checking to be able to check 17/33-bit limits on a 32-bit chip to check for overflow as well.
  • Fixed memory protection to properly be using 31/17-bit offsets for adding overflow.
  • Modified all memory checks to wrap first, then check the entire byte/word/dword for the segment limits on a access to the resulting address.

New features(simplified version of the above):

  • Phonebook support for the modem emulation has been added.
  • Improved timeout to discard any remaining time to process, preventing hanging the emulation loop when encountering too large timeouts, clipping timing properly.
  • CPU improvements and more accuracy have been implemented.
  • Keyboard scan code generating for Ctrl/Alt combinations with special modifier keys(Num Lock, PrintScn/SysRq, Pause/Break).
  • CMOS timekeeping has been improved.
  • 8042 command byte now has improved functionality.
  • The debugger now implements a O-suffix, which applies the (E)IP filter only(ignoring the segment part of the debugger address).
  • CMOS in the settings file is now saved/updated when entering the settings menu, when dirty. This allows the emulator not to discard the loaded CMOS when loading the settings for editing it in the settings menus.
  • Updated Android gradle to 3.1.3.


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Jun 26, 2018
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Jun 26, 2018
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Jun 26, 2018
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Jun 26, 2018

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