UniPCemu build 2018/05/03 15:25 is now online!

A new UniPCemu update:

- Made string operations more safe, preventing buffer overflows.
- Added a debugger mode that runs the debugger without showing it, allowing for the debugger to log matched address using the debugger breakpoint address(es) only.
- Improved logging of prefetch reads vs normal reads.
- Improved mouse movement detection.
- Prevented buffer underflow when specifying a modem IP address that's not long enough.
- Improved protected mode handling of processor actions.
- Improved 80286+ LGDT/LIDT always throw #GP(0) when in Virtual 8086 mode.
- Fixed 80386+ Bit Test and Bit string instructions to work properly.
- Improved x86 RETF in protected mode.
- Improved x86 POPF(D) in protected mode.
- Improved x86 CALL and JMP immediate wrapping around 16-bits when needed.
- Improved x86 Page Faults to fetch descriptor table entries at CPL 0 independent of the application CPL.
- CALL gates and privilege level changes have been reworked.
- Stack switching have been improved.
- Limit checks in protected mode have been improved for various cases.
- Protected mode interrupts have been improved.
- Serial mouse movement has been simplified.

In other words:
Because of the many protected-mode improvements, programs using the Virtual 8086 mode now work properly(like FreeDOS's JEMM386.EXE, Microsoft's EMM386.EXE drivers)! This will now allow EMM to be properly emulated on 80286+ CPUs!

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