UniPCemu is now also released for the PS Vita!

UniPCemu is now also released for the PS Vita! It's much the same as the PSP build, except built using SDL2-Vita (using the same PSP-style button mapping) and allowing touchscreen inputs and OSK input for advanced functionality found in other builds of the application.

It also supports more memory than the PSP build due to there being more memory available on the Vita, which is also an improvement, as well as a bit more speed due to faster hardware. And due to being on the Vita also the higher-quality screen is supported.

Have fun with it!


UniPCemu.vpk 1 MB
Sep 21, 2021

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A small improvement has been uploaded. Now the icons are fixed and it should install on real Vitas!

Also, the text surfaces have been changed to adaptive mode to fill the entire screen.