UniPCemu making progress on Virtual 8086 mode emulation

Some improvements have been made, but it's unfortunately not fully ready for release yet(due to unfound problems causing MS-DOS to stop booting with the Windows 3.0 EMM386.SYS loading and Virtual 8086 mode problems).

EMM386 seems to properly enter and exit Virtual 8086 mode and booting continues on while in Virtual 8086 mode. Eventually it stops to boot while processing interrupts and accessing an DMA port, causing an ridiculously large loop to be execute(around 150M loops). VIDE-CDD.SYS loads properly in Virtual 8086 mode, as virtualized I/O seems to process those cases correctly for it to handle those I/O operations correctly.

Currently working on ironing out those bugs until it's ready for release(in other words, MS-DOS booting properly with the supported hardware drivers required for UniPCemu's hardware).

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