UniPCemu build 2017/12/13 14:15 now live!

The latest UniPCemu build is now live, bringing IPS cycle optimizations(up to 50% speed increase in IPS cycle mode) and some small rendering optimizations.

  • Adjusted the VGA 28MHz clock to 28.322MHz(previously 28.321MHz).
  • Optimized BIU handling of IPS clocking timing to process whole blocks at once. This causes the 8086 to run at up to 75% speed(previously 50% on a Intel i7@4.0GHz), so up to 50% speed increase in IPS cycle mode.
  • Improved per-CPU default speeds at IPS clocking, with Dosbox IPS cycles specified. 80(1)8X running at 315 KIPS, 80286  at 2.75 MIPS, 80386 at 7.8 MIPS and 80486 at 26.8 MIPS.
  • Implemented Light Pen and Video scanline handler precalcs for more efficient handling of video state rendering of (S)VGA vs older cards(MDA/CGA).


UniPCemu.apk 7 MB
Dec 13, 2017
UniPCemu_win32.zip 1,013 kB
Dec 13, 2017
UniPCemu_win64.zip 1 MB
Dec 13, 2017

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