UniPCemu build 2017/12/05 13:23 now live!

UniPCemu has been updated, now with the latest bugfixes and improvements:

  • Optimized VGA rendering for steps of 2-5 pixels in whole blocks.
  • Changed the BIU to handle all but active clock cycles using event handlers instead of checking for all of those every clock.
  • Fixed loading of the XT 286 ROM, no longer crashing the emulator when doing so.
  • Optimized FIFO buffering.
  • Optimized BIOS ROMs to not check for mounted ROMs when known ROMs are supposed to be mounted(prechecked when mounting once).
  • Increased the emulated modem speed to 57600 bytes/second.
  • Improved CD-ROM media status notification using the set feature command to enable and disable reporting of disk changes.
  • Improved ATAPI CD-ROM disk change notification based on the setting of the CD-ROM drive.
  • Implemented the CD-ROM disk changing mechanism from Dosbox-X for improved disk changing on CD-ROMs.
  • Fixed PS/2 keyboard giving infinite acknowledges for the Set/Reset LEDs command, causing bugs because of the command finishing unexpected.
  • Fixed LED display for Caps Lock to actually show the Caps Lock instead of Num Lock.
  • Windows 32-bit and 64-bit builds have been added(use 64-bit, when possible, for slight speed improvements) to the project(older builds can be found at the vogons release page).

So, in other words, some optimizations, fixed XT 286 ROM loading, improved modem speed, improved CD-ROM disk loading and ejecting(although VIDE-CDD.SYS/MSCDEX doesn't detect disk changes properly for an unknown reason, might be a driver bug) and big PS/2 keyboard fixes(causing the Compaq Deskpro 386 to hang the keyboard in command mode when pressing any permanenty modifier lock keys(Num/Caps/Scroll Lock), preventing any input from being reported).


UniPCemu.apk 7 MB
Dec 05, 2017
UniPCemu_win32.zip 1,013 kB
Dec 05, 2017
UniPCemu_win64.zip 1 MB
Dec 05, 2017

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