UniPCemu build 2017/11/28 22:55 now live!

A few small improvements have been made:

  • The CPU and VGA have been optimized for better speed, improving up to 25% speed, depending on settings and running software.
  • The SDL2 low memory event has been reimplemented, terminating the application when requested, since memory can't be reallocated once released reliably for emulation to continue without problems. It does save the CMOS, to prevent data loss(it's the same as shuttimg down the application normally).
  • Various hardware updating below 14MHz rate are now using the 14MHz clocking, increasing efficiency of hardware timing and improving performance.
  • CGA and EGA 14 MHz clocking is now directly taken from the main 14MHz clocking of the hardware. Other frequencies, like MDA, EGA MDA and (S)VGA clocking, work in the old way, with floating point nanosecond timing.


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Nov 28, 2017

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